Miller Lite St. Clair County Bank Pool League 



Rules for 3-5-8


3-5-8 is a call your shot game.  It must be played on an open pocket table so balls can be spotted when errantly made.


The game is played with a standard rack of 15 balls.


All balls on the table are legal for any shot at any time.


You must make 8 shots to win the game.  You can make them all in one turn or as many turns as necessary. 


The third, fifth and eight shot made must be a bank shot. Hence the name, 3-5-8.   The first two shots made can be straights, the third shot must be a bank shot, the fourth made shot is a straight, the fifth shot must be a bank, the sixth and seventh shots are straights, and the eight and final shot to win the game must be a bank shot, also know as the out ball.


For straight shots anything is a legal shot so long as the shot was made the way it was called.  (ex. combinations. kick ins, bank shots, billiards etc.)


Bank shots must be clean bank shots.  The cue ball must strike the object ball first(no exceptions) and the object ball must strike only the cushions you indicated and go in the pocket called without any other contact except for the adjoining cushions of the pocket called.  The use of combinations, kick ins, billiards are not legal shots for bank shots.


Any ball made, but not made the way it was called either during a bank shot or a straight shot must be returned to the table on the break spot.


If one or more balls are made on the break the breaker continues play on his second straight.  Only one ball made on the break counts, all other balls will be spotted after the breaker finishes his turn at the table.


Any extra balls pocketed during a shot are to be spotted after the player finishes his turn at the table.